It is becoming a thing now that I travel to get inked. To meet these artists, and have their work imprinted with memories of the place I head out to. These tattoos make me think of things that I would not have thought about, had I not had any of them. The new one is all about sanity, and insanity; illustrated on skin with cherry blossoms, a lot of shading, a dark uneven circle, and with a more uneven, handwritten note of sorts.

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Recently, I shared some illustrations of a tattoo I was going to get done while on a short trip (more on the trip soon enough). On a cloudy evening, I had the chance of meeting some great people, of observing some other younger kids getting some ridiculously sick ink on them, and getting inked myself.

I thought I’d do a post on how the new tattoo turned out. From the get go, I was aware that the scribbling lines would be a problem for any tattoo artist of any calibre. Nonetheless, I went in with the this design; took some recommendations, and then settled on very thin misdirecting, randomly directed, bent-at-90-degrees, random lines where the scribbling was.

Come the day of the tattoo, while I was waiting for my turn, I happen to see what was a sleeve of cherry blossoms, with dark shades. Much like the dark, and light parts in this tattoo design embedded below (the copyright is retained by the original artist, and I have no claim over it).

Japanese Fish Sleeve Tattoo Sketch
Japanese Fish Sleeve Tattoo Sketch. More here.

Only that, instead of the fish there was a tiger, and on the fringes there were cherry blossoms. That led me to rethink those random lines I mentioned above. Thus, helping me to make something more close to the original idea of Sanity/Insanity, by using cherry blossoms instead.

Here’s what it looks like, only that the shading is missing from this photograph:

Inked: Sanity/Insanity
Inked: Sanity/Insanity.

The cherry blossoms depict chaos, insanity, and nature. The dark circle is a void, where no why exists. Thus only sanity exists.

The vector file can be found here.

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