Here is something that I don't come across everyday. The video is inspiring, and hypnotizing at the same time. It contains probably the most trippy form of the red color that I've every laid my eyes on, and the video is about failure. Getting the message the video imparts, that's the challenge.

BY indefiniteloop

This has to be the most trip-worthy video that I’ve ever had the luxury of spending time on. The music ain’t too shabby either. It is hypnotizing, subliminally affecting. It’s also black, white, and red. Tons of red. Like an advertisement-to-go-to-the-land-of-the-rising-sun-Japan red.

It’s three minutes of super, unstable, pixel mayhem. Extremely weird, and probably running a sound track on the fear inducing frequencies. Definitely gets the message through.

For some reason, it’s titled ‘Autumn’. Maybe because the post the message of the video, lies success? A kind of bloom maybe? I love it!


Incase you’ve been diagnosed with Photosensitive Epilepsy, please do not press the play button. Something definitely that’s out there, and nonetheless, it is very inspiring. Inspiring in the way that there’s art in everything, and art is generally trippy.

It’s new-age, and all the other chique adjectives you can think of of. If you have about three minutes too, and have no medical history or condition of epilepsy, I would suggest pressing the play button. Be warned though, this is not for everyone.

Autumn is by Peter Burr, and John Lee. Like Autumn, there are plenty of these kind of videos uploaded on his channel. Definitely a must watch, if you’re up for them.

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