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Hey there! I am Manoj - A Freelance full-stack developer, designer, creator, and a happy-go-lucky caveman; born, and brought up in Bombay (Mumbai), India. I write a ton of stuff or attempt to do so; usually, it ends being some code, daily musings, weird ideas, disconnected chains of thoughts, perceptive poetry, experimental haiku, and some other form of blog posts for the indefiniteloop blog. Apart from writing, and working, I also try to do some other stuff like develop mobile apps that revolve around those weird ideas I mention above, learn a new language or two, travel to see the world from/form different perspectives, dance because I've two left feet, observe to capture, read anything that interests me, learn some other interesting stuff, etc. If you'd like to connect or know more, then you can always do so over twitter or by just . I'd love to hear from you!

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----> Yes Captain Kirk, I am kinda-a-nerdy-fanboy that way.

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Salt of the Earth:

An ever growing series of poetry books. Available free to download from here, and not-so-free to download from the Kobo store, and Amazon Kindle store. Read more about Salt of the Earth here.


  • Eventify ™ - Simple events management plugin for WordPress (- it hasn't been updated in over two years, and needs an update). Although sidelined, Eventify ™ Pro is still on my plate. I don't know when it will be time to finish it. So, I'm going to hang on to it for now.
  • Hints - Provide a better user experience for you users, when they read your posts. Reduce the number outgoing, non-essential links.
  • Statistical - A helpful, little plugin that shows useful, statistical information about the content on your blog, in a widget.


  • Minelienda Tumblr Theme - A minimalistic, responsive, customisable, fluid grid, full width tumblr theme. As minimalistic as you want it.

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  • Daily Write App - Daily Write is an iOS app that inspires you to write daily, and invites you to share your writing prompts with others. It is an ever growing database of writing prompts - by users, and for users.