There's something out there that connects the dots for us, including other people, random thoughts, and everything else that yo can think of. Only, we should be keeping a keen eye, and should be able to relate to things from different angles. I think that's imperative, since we're the only species that is capable of so much, of harnessing so much, and of both, creation, and destruction.

BY indefiniteloop

An odd, and frequent thought this: Somehow everything is related. Not very long ago I published a small long post about some crazy stuff that finally led to the conclusion of the indeterminate Universe (Nature) itself trying to become determinate. And, at some point this will come to pass, which then will mean loss of free will. Crazy right? I know.

About a year, and a half back I started studying some philosophy. Along the course of learning, I came upon ‘Initiation Into Philosophy’ by Emile Faguet. A quite enchanting, quick read of a book. Size didn’t matter here. It being a small read, in now means or terms renders this read as a easy one. I am currently on my third pass over this one, making notes, jotting down thoughts, and so forth.

This time around though, a light went up. As soon as I re-read the first chapter, I could somehow relate, and connect the start of the book to this post here; in extremely thoughtful details.

The entire book is a run-down on the history of Philosophy or what we know of it; until the 19th century A.D. A ton of things that were re-discovered by science in more recent times, have had been thought about as far back as the first school of philosophy - The Ionian School, dating back to the 7th Century B.C. The school of thought of the likes of Thales, Anaximander, and so on were really something; onto something more than what was apparent, and wide-spread at that time.

It is kind of awe inspiring to perceive the World, and the Universe as a dotted line grid. Somewhere there’s a stroke waiting to scribe on this sheet, connecting the grids to one another. That’s where the magic happens, is what I am of the opinion of.

If you would like to have a go at The Initiation into Philosophy, the book is available free online, and on iBooks, along with it being available for free other readers/reading apps on various devices. Keep in mind that it will make you think, a lot. It’s also available as a hard copy on Amazon.

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