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Eighty percent of this year is almost over. It’s August, 2015. Eight months into the year, I audit my yearly goals. Change them if necessary, see how much more can I achieve over the course of the next four months, or shift them to the next year.

Ten days into the year, I made my goals public in a post on this blog. Eight months into the year, let’s see how much of the list is done, remaining, achievable, or still just a pipe dream.

Goal Audit, 2015:

1. [pushed back] Moving out: This is still on my list, and may have been pushed back by a couple of months. So, by February of 2016 I will have moved out. My savings got affected primarily because tons of other things happened during the course of the year. Couple of the things that really made a dent in the savings were my Mac Pro dying out, while my MBP’s HDD failed on the same day, and a complete overhaul of my jeep. I had to get a new Hackintosh in place, and couldn’t help the spend there. I was paying instalments for the the jeep (can’t actually say it’s a jeep though), acquired last year. The instalments got over this year, and I wanted to get it ready for cross-country road trips. More on that in a later post, at a later time. But suffice to say that these two events have influenced the goal of moving out, greatly.

2. [planning] Traveling alone: 1/3rd of my travel itinerary is completed, Auroville was fun this year. Two destinations remain, and I will be trying to cover both if I can afford it in the coming months. If I can’t then at least one will have to replaced, or pushed to next year. But I will keep at it! Wish me luck!

3. [ongoing] Debt free: This one, along with pt. 9, takes precedence over all other goals. So this year, by the end of it, I will have zero debt.

4. [ongoing] Bettering my fitness levels: Yes, I’ve successfully done this. There’s a room for a ton more of improvement. I will get there, by the end of this year.

5. [completed] Publish two one iOS apps to the iOS App Store: One’s already been done! Woot! It’s called Daily Write. It’s an app for for bloggers, and writers of all kinds. Daily Write inspires you to write by throwing random writing prompts submitted by users of the app, for other users/writers/bloggers. We’ve a road map to where we would like to take this app. It’s been crazy learning, and developing this app for most of this year. I’ve learned so much! Currently, I am learning about marketing this app better. Since this one app took most of the year to be completed, and published on the app store, I think I overshot the number of apps I could publish this year. So, I changed this to One iOS to the iOS app store! I am marking this goal complete. Check out Daily Write though.

Daily Write is available on the iOS App Store.

6. [ongoing] Get out more: Double edged knife here. This directly clashed with Pt 2, Pt. 3 and Pt 9. So I gave up on getting out much. Oh, I did get out more than often, and still have plans to do so. But as I mention in Pt 3 that saving, and paying off debts is primary. Saving for moving out, saving for travel, and saving generally is more important than getting a beer/coffee every weekend, or so. I’ve reduced the amount of times I go to a coffee shop too! But I’ve increased the amount of time I work out, and get out for a photo walk.

7. [planning] Publish part two of Salt of the Earth: Last year I self-published “Salt of the Earth - Part 1” - an ebook with 10 short poems. It’s the first book in a series of five, available freely on the iTunes store”. This year, I am releasing the second part of this series. It’s coming out in October, 2015. Stay tuned!

8. [ongoing] Do more outside my comfort zone: This year in the form of getting outside my comfort zone, I have done tons. Post on that coming soon. I finished my course in Transactional Analysis. I’ve started self studying English grammar, God knows I needed that. This blog needed that.

9. [completed] Two One more tattoo this year: Pt 3, and Pt 9 took precedence over this. Instead of two this year, I opted for one. I am marking this goal complete.

10. [ongoing] Save more: Pt 3, and Pt 9 take precedence over almost all of the other goals. Why? Because to accomplish much on this list, I need to save first. To successfully save more, I need to have zero debts.

11. [ongoing] Improve on my work for my employer: This has been achieved, and I am still at it. Every day.

12. [ongoing] Start blogging. One post a day, everyday: For the past eight months, I’ve been doing exactly that! I publish one post every single day. So far that’s over 240 posts! Woot! Somewhere along the line of publishing every day, a routine adopted me. Yes, I did not set the routine myself. It set in all by itself. This routine is the type of post I publish day, after day. Its a weekly routine. For e.g. every week on a Friday I write, and publish a haiku.

So there it is! I would say I’ve achieved about 50% on that list. That would be a fair assessment. Now it’s race to achieve most of the other 50% by this year’s end!

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