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What would it take to become fitter, and healthier? - this is a question, in the form of a goal that this year started with. There were a ton of options to chose from - Right from a regular gym membership, and a personal trainer to visiting a nutritionist, and just doing it myself. Doing it myself sounded just fine at the start of the year. But, as time went on it just kept becoming monotonous, and slow. It also became very apparent that I didn’t know what the heck I was doing.

Sure, doing it all by myself led me to lose some weight. It wasn’t enough though. I did try some Krav Maga, but once I lost the drive to finish it, I let it go for some personal, or some such reasons. This is the time frivolewis, excitedly, told me about a Boxing, and Krav Maga trainer living, and training around the place where I live. He also mentioned the trainer being a professional boxer from SA. My interest, and the will to move my ass was piqued. I asked frivolewis if he did be interested in training with me, and he was. Thus started our boxing, and app development adventure.

My Experience with Vincent

When we first contacted Vincent for training us, he was very specific of what was needed from us. And above all we needed a place to train. Living on the top floor of an old apartment building, came in very handy here. The training grounds was my terrace. It was perfect!

Vincent also suggested that we should try him out first for a class, and see if it’s something we wanted. We agreed. A date, and time was decided. I still remember the first class we took. I was so completely unprepared!

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Vincent, training us.

The first day the three of us - Vincent, frivolewis, and I headed up the terrace, I didn’t know what to expect. Both, frivolewis and I were under the impression that we were just going to talk about tuition fees, what would be involved in the training, and of course schedules. Instead Vincent asked to start skipping right off the bat! This is the time when I couldn’t even skip five times in row! (my in-a-row record now, is 300) - Yea, I was unfit, and obese. Noticing this was an eye opener, I really needed to do something about myself. The first class was intense, by the time we both were through, we didn’t have the energy to talk. Let alone discuss terms, etc. Looking back, somehow I can only be thankful for that! We started with two classes a week, and ended up taking three a week. Yea, we could be labelled as masochists here. The first class was around Feb-March 2015. If I were to compare my feb-2015-self with me now, there’s a ton of difference - I see it, and I feel it.

Fast forward to today. With a heavy heart, we had to stop our training. We were not in a very financially strong position to continue with it, and both of us thought it only fair to let Vincent know. This post has been long in coming. I was waiting for a little more time, for making it more interesting with a before, and after series; oh well!

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Too much sunshine? No problem! Raining? No problem! Now give me those burpees!

Vincent as a trainer, and teacher did more for my fitness, and health than anyone else. He pushed me, and kept at it. ’til a point in time came when I was proud of myself. I was getting fitter, with each class. I did throw plenty of tantrums too, I see that as my normal resistance, but yea Vincent would push me all the more harder for those. I did throw up too, but he wouldn’t let anything like that stop me from achieving my goal(s). There are a very few people like him, who would put up with all that we’ve thrown at him. With every class, I was amazed to see the difference within me. My stamina increased, so did my strength, and my weight reduced. After a long, long time I could feel the adrenaline within me. He knows my limitations, psychological, or otherwise. I’ve had other trainers, and teachers but never really someone akin to Vincent. He knows what he’s about, and given the chance he would know what you’re capable of too!

About Vincent, and VMB Training

Vincent is a professional boxer, and has a degree in sports medicine. He’s also learning nutrition currently. If you are looking for a personal trainer for getting fitter, healthier, and learning boxing at the same time, and if you live in, and around Bandra, Khar, Santacruz, and Juhu then I would strongly, very strongly suggest, and endorse Vincent to you.

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