BY indefiniteloop

“Success, isn’t forever. Failure, isn’t too. If you’re successful in one domain, it doesn’t mean you are successful in all. The same is true for Failure, too! Life, defined by most, is filled with, successes after successes and failures after failures. And is a good life, a happy life? How much would you value your happiness? Are you happy with your failures and successes? Can you look back and say, you would not change a single thing, that has brought you, to this point in your life? Will you be able to say the same tomorrow? Do you let your successes and failure define who you are today? Will they define you, tomorrow? These are questions, that I don’t think about. Because, happy or sad. I see my life as, a process of ever recovery. Recovery from the heights, recovery from the pits and recovery from Life itself. The heights and the pits, both are Life’s, very own, companions. And happiness, I see that as a flat line between the highs and lows. A flat line, that is not meant to be a definition for Life.“ -

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