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Often times, I find myself lost. Not just in thought. But also in making decisions about everything and anything. It does take some time for me, to get my bearings.

Over the years, this habit of indecision has led to a lot of, undue, guilt. Mix those guilty feels, with feeling stuck, feeling dead and caged, at times. You get a strong concoction, that wipes your self confidence out. And at times, this concoction makes you loathe yourself.

Usually, it would phase me out. Drain me of all energy; creative and otherwise. Not being able to step forward. Not being able to make a decision. Based on, facts missing or previous life experiences. The immense pressure of taking a step, right or wrong doesn’t matter, would be more than enough to empty me. Empty me of, both, emotional and physical strength.

The ending of last year (2014), I found something, extremely, interesting and therapeutic. Every time, I think about this thing, it brights up my face and, my innards. Thanks to a friend.

This thing (which deserves a post and will get one, sooner or later) showed me something that would make me unstuck. A single answer. To every question that doesn’t have answer. To every decision, left undecided. An answer, to drop all that weight of indecision.

The Single Answer to Every Unanswered Question.

Keep Moving Forward

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Yep, it’s that simple. If you can’t find an answer or make a decision. Just keep moving forward. Wherever you deem forward is. Taking a step back, may be going forward. Making a decision, is moving forward. Not making a decision, too, is moving forward. Just keep moving. Just keep going. Believe in your steps. They will, always, lead you home. From the day, I read this and, saw it happen. Within the thing (the one I mention above). I am not afraid of indecision, anymore. I am not afraid of indecision being a decision. I balk at my older self! How naive and childish it was. To be stuck, when I have had a path in front of me, all this time! Hope this helps someone, out there.

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