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You work tedious hours. Locked away in your room, cabin, or stuck at your desks, for five days a week. If you are working offshore and/or work from home, most of the time. Then, all the more, you know how it feels when you get out and, head to a cafe. To work or just observe, everyone and everything around you.

We love our work. Don’t get us wrong. But, there are times when we all desire a change of space and pace. Cafes for us exist, exactly for this. For slowing down time. Relieving some pressure and, simply enjoying a good cuppa.

Coffee culpa - Cafes slow time down.
Photo by: Sojourner.Photography

Cafes for me are, like a time capsule. You sit down, order your brew. Wait. Maybe work. Sometimes eavesdrop. Sometimes get overtly engrossed with the screen in front you. Maybe look around, to see everyone else, going about their day, at warp 9. It’s one place, where time slows down. While you sip on your poison(s). The whole experience of working or just sitting and observing from a cafe, does refuel and provide a sense of a break. Break from the light speed paced, city life.

It’s a better experience with friends around. You work, you laugh, you observe. Make snidy remarks. And just like that, it’s been over three hours.

I, strongly, believe that Einstein’s special theory of relativity is best seen at work, from within cafes.

Why do you go to a cafe?

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