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One day, sooner or later, you realize that it’s not too late to learn. To start again. To feel fired up again. I am a late bloomer. I am slow, when it comes to learning and implementing the knowledge I learn. I take time, to understand why, what and how. Because I am the curious kind.

Someone on Reddit shared this infographic, by Anna Vital . Which in turn, is from an article published on, written by Catherine Clifford. The article is about, How old is too old to start something. The infographic(s) and the article, may be tailored towards entrepreneurs, but it does apply to mostly everyone, trying to start something new. My opinion, when starting on a new adventure, is that age shouldn’t matter or be a demotivating factor, for anyone.

You succeed or you don’t, that’s secondary. And, again, that should’nt be a demotivating factor. Starting or embarking on a new adventure, is primary. Consistency and perseverance is key.

Am I too old to embark, on a new adventure?

In one word: Nope!

Never too late!

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