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Fun filled day, today. I don’t know if its the place, or the teachers. Mostly the teachers, I guess. But I am getting better at Tango. “More Fluid” was a comment made. Now, only not to let that go to my head.

Musicality and Vals, were the topics discussed and covered today. It’s going take a long, long time for me to get the beats to match my feet. Vals, was a joyful, fun filled experience.

Tango Musicality

In Tango, there are so many artists and sub-genres. It takes a long time to understand and really sync your feet with these. I guess the best way, would be picada the music of all those sub-genres and artists into a single playlist1 ?

A short video that kinda, gives an idea of what Tango Musicality is.


Vals, is a type of Tango. More or less derived from Waltz. It sure starts up like Waltz, but gets more complicated as your skill level increases.

Here’s a video that shows the basics, a little more than basics of Vals in Tango.

Marianna and Vaggelis Doing Vals

Here’s another video, of my teachers showing us, the Tango vals.

  1. Here’s a site that probably is a good resource for getting a list of all traditional Tango Music; for getting the musicality of Tango - 

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