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Day three, started off slow. Waking up late and taking it easy with the classes and food, were the theme of today. Wanting to find some grub, we landed up eating at two great restaurants/bakery.

There are plenty of restaurants in Auroville 1. All this while, ‘til today, we’ve have been eating and dining at the local visitors cafe, located at the Auroville Visitor Center.

Today, we decided to change our food palette. About 6kms away, from the Tibetan Pavillon (Our guesthouse), is a nice little Italian joint - Tontos Pizzeria. It’s part of the Auroville community. The pizzeria came highly recommended by some people.

The Tontos experience.

Tontos, is a great place for dinning, brunch or lunch. The speciality here are the pizzas that melt in your mouth. You can see your pizzas get made. The oven is right outside, near the sitting area. Pastas are awesome too.

Tantos Pizza - Auroville
Mouth melting, Pizzas and Pastas.

While ordering, bear in mind, all the toppings/ingredients may not be available at the time of ordering. This, I found is the case with all the restaurants here. There are a lot of items, mentioned in the menu, but more often than not, when ordering we are told that either the item is over or is not available, on/for that particular day. Nothing bad about that, since the other items on the menu cover up well, for the missing ones.

Tantos Pizza - Auroville
The pizza oven, right at the entrance.

If you are new to Auroville 1, there are plenty of ways to get around (..maybe worth a post, in itself). Including rickshaws. At the time of writing this post, a rickshaw ride from the visitors center to Tontos, costs about INR 150/- (~2-3USD).

Another great place to get some breakfast or incase you have a sweet tooth, is the Auroville Bakery, about 200-300 meters ahead of Tontos.

Personally, I would recommend both places. Not that expensive; a lunch for two costs about 1000/- INR (~15-20USD). Great for a change of palette.

The essence of Tango is the Embrace.

I leave you with another video. My teachers doing some basic tango…I love the chemistry they share…the husband and wife duo - Marianna and Vagelis.

The lesson was about, how the embrace you offer your partner is what Tango is…The embrace is the essence of Tango.

  1. Auroville (City of Dawn) is an experimental township in Viluppuram district in the state of Tamil Nadu, India, near Puducherry in South India.  2

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