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This is my first post, while traveling. One of the goals this year, is to travel more. Following up on it, I find myself sitting in a cafe. Surrounded by a lot of interesting people, all around me. I’m at Auroville.

I’m probably the only one who is sitting with his laptop open, and writing about what’s going on around me. While, them others are either tango-ing or are watching others tango.

Auroville, hosts a Tango festival every year. They have been hosting it for the last four years. The group, I learned Tango with, was going. And I’ve been wanting to stay and get a taste of Auroville, since I last visited, the previous year. Plus learning some more Tango, and dancing doesn’t sound half as bad. Although, I know for a fact that I have two left feet.

From tomorrow onwards, I will be learning and tango-ing, for most of the day. And since I am here, I will be publishing posts about my experience here, at Auroville.

Start of the Tango Festival, at Auroville.

Here are the teachers, putting up a performance and kickstarting the Festival.

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