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Today, the Auroville Tango festival ends. Deciding to take some rest today, before starting on the daily grind Monday onwards, I skipped all classes and the ending ceremony.

But, tonight’s Milonga still beckons. I don’t have the confidence yet, that I came searching for. Sitting here, by the sidelines, I watch people Tango, under the stars. The panorama is surreal. Red light within the open dancing dome, bright bright stars just above. All packed up nicely, in the middle of the forest. Within the forest, you can here the wind and the rhythm of Tango, for miles around.

The festival has thought me tons. Thought me more about Tango, and my preferences in/with Tango. It has shed some light on my skill level. It, also, has thought me, more about myself.

The festival has provided me with eyes that glaze with respect, of all those who dance on the dance floor, no matter the dance.

It takes some nerve, walking up-to someone and asking her/him to embrace you, no matter who you are, and to walk with you, with the rhythm of your feet. Not knowing, where it may lead.

Many new people encountered, some interesting to know, others not.

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