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You know I’ve started enjoying dichotomy. More than anything else, it amuses me now. And, I say that with no reprimand of any sort. For or to anyone.

I enjoy it because it’s innate, it’s eye-opening, and it teaches us something more about each side; it teaches about contradictions, contrasts, and conflicts. This is one of the reasons for the poetry I write. Poetry is contradictory to philosophy. Each is anathema to the other. Both are built on ever changing perceptions. And, changing perceptions is a big part of the poetry I write. It’s all very… confusing, for me to at times.

Salt of the Earth - Part III

Last year, I decided to start publishing an ever-lasting-ends-only-when-I-end-kinda series every year. I started that with Salt of the Earth - Part II, and am continuing it with the release of Salt of the Earth - Part III. Which was published, released this past week on Amazon, all over. It’s also available as a part of a combo pack of all the three series’ parts on the shop, in a zip file that contains an .ePub, a .mobi, and an .awz3 formats for each of the the three books.

Like always, the poems are based on a lot of topics, feelings, and expressions of all that I fathom. I hope you enjoy reading them, as much as I have writing them over the past few years.

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