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“Goodbyes are a part of this life, a part of everything within existence
Thus you begin anew; you begin on a fresh stretch of grass, drenched with storms
Goodbyes are essential then; eternal voids replacing the known, and untraveled distance
Thus unfair it’s, that Muses have such power over words, light, and forms”

- Salt of The Earth - Part II.

No. No poetry today - Well, almost no poetry today. Instead, how about an ebook, which was long time coming?

Last time, in 2013, I published the first part of Salt of The Earth Series ( iTunes - Amazon ). Today, Part II has been submitted to iTunes, and Amazon awaiting reviewal. And I am stoked!

Releasing Salt Of The Earth - Part II

The Salt of the Earth Series ( iTunes - Amazon ) is a select collection of poems I’ve written. The poems contained, so far, in the series are based on reality, emotions, observations, conclusions, thoughts, results, learnings, personal philosophy, and experiences shared.

Originally, in 2013 when Salt of the Earth - Part I ( iTunes - Amazon ) was published, it was decided that each part would contain 10 select poems from my archive of poems. Since then, a lot of changes have come within the voice that I choose to write with. A lot of changes with respect to experiences, inspirations, and observations of everything. Owning to all what the last two years came along with, this five part series will no longer have any fixed number of poems within each release of the series. Each part of the series will continue to have how many ever poems that are chosen to be included within each.

Taking the thought of abandoning a fixed number of poems to be included within each series a little further - originally, it was decided that this series will be limited to 50 poems, and five parts/volumes. Those five parts of this series I see as… limitations. Thus it’s decided that not knowing when the series ends, instead of fixing on a number of books/parts/volumes within this series, is what interests me more. Another change would be that every year a new part, a new book within this series will be released.

I hope you enjoy reading them, and relating to them as much as I enjoyed the process of writing, learning, and sharing from them.

As always I welcome any form/sort of critique you may have to offer. I am always up for a lesson, or two. You can leave a comment here on this post, or contact me directly. I would love to hear from you, and know what you think about the Salt of The Earth series ’til now.

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Salt of The Earth - Part II: A collection of select poems from my archive. Free to download. Available as ePub, and .mobi.

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