Where do I find inspiration from? A small question that I inquired of myself. Bear with me, I am trying to make sense of it all.

BY indefiniteloop

Inspiration for me, is everywhere. A matchbox, a vinyl cover, a song, an anime, a movie, a music video, a product, decoration lights, chandeliers, geometric patterns, randomly generated brush strokes, people, places, things, and what may have you.

More often than not, I find myself not fitting in because I end up finding awe in everything. Everything amazes me; the wonders never stop piling on. That makes me happy-go-lucky, and more curious than I’d care to admit. It also makes me excited about everything.

And then, I come back to my desk or to the laptop, and write about these things, things that leave a deep impression or make me feel something during the course of the day or in some way help me do something, create something (even if that creation only exists within the realities in my head). And as I mention above, these things can really be anything.

But sometimes, somethings need more than words to be expressed by me, and to be shared with you. These somethings are my perspectives imprinted on other real world stuff that I find inspiring because in my mind, they’re all works of expression, and works of art that make me feel, and have left their own impressions. Pardon me, if I’ve seem to gone off the rails here. Let me give you an example, maybe that’ll help?

The Odd Curiosity notebook packs, they have photographs that are imprinted on with what I perceive as beautiful; with the help of a warped sense of space, color gamuts that I cannot fully understand, brush strokes, minced words, and what may have you. The covers on these notebook packs, they create a world of their own for me. And, these worlds being imprinted on something as functionally basic as a notebook, is also something that takes my breath away.

Since I find anything, and everything exciting, inspiring, and beautiful or translate them in a way that makes them even more endearing, they’re the ones that end up as expressions of thought, perceptions, and observations imprinted on a product that is not only meant to be beautiful, and inspiring, but also functional in the real world.

I do hope that makes some sense.

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