BY indefiniteloop

“Two big words that come with ever fattening trunks of baggage, which are filled with all of what makes us who we all are. At some point we feel that weight become a part of us; missing, but yet there latched onto us, mistaken for not being around, and it only weighs us down further, and further as it goes on gaining pounds of something we have been carrying all along with us that it is not a part of us yet. Thus begins every adventure, a beginning to a new story begins as we grovel in the dirt where we come to realize that we have to accept, and validate ourselves first, and foremost, here, and now we assimilate all our pieces back into us, while forming something new in the process validating each of those assimilated pieces, one by one, until we become who we’ve been running away from, and will be running away from again forming a viscous, everlasting loop of validations, and acceptances. “ -

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