Here's some stuff from one of the most in-depth, and creative projects that provides everything you've ever wanted to know about Tolkien's Middle Earth.

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All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us - Gandalf, The Lord Of The Rings, J.R.R Tolkien

Here’s a short flowchart of sorts about how Gandalf from Middle Earth likes to solve problems. It’s short, succinct, and really does make sense with respect to the series:

Gandalf Agrees
Gandalf Problem Solving: A Flowchart by the LotrProject

Particularly the flow of answers leading up to Resurrect, and Call the eagles made me laugh for quite some time. Typical Gandalf, no?

Here’s Another Flowchart: Gollum’s State Of Mind

Gandalf Agrees
Gollum's State Of Mind by the LotrProject

Emil Johnson, And The LotrProject

If you haven’t come across this guy on the Internet before, you totally should check him out! Emil Johansson’s LotrProject is one of it’s kind, and is known for its more data-centric research on the populace of Middle-Earth.

Here’s a more informative, and refreshing TEDx talk by Emil talking about the project, and the statistics of Middle Earth. The project has had huge impact on his creativity, and life.

The LotrProject is easily one of the most extensively visualized, and an awesome resource to research, and produce interesting content that makes understanding the world of Tolkien’s Middle Earth a tad bit better. The blog has some really funny posts too, like the ones embedded above. The home page is a basically a Tree of Life - a genealogy of Middle Earth, which is the main project of the LotrProject. The sheer creativity , intensity, and informativeness of this project is just plain awesome; mind boggling to say the least. Wait, there’s more - the comment section below some of the posts are off the roof! Reminded me of Reddit for some reason.

I’ve been a fan of the LOTR series, and have posted a similar post before. But, nothing comes close to the LotrProject; this one takes the cake home. It’s not everyday that I come home with a precious like this. There’s so much to love about this project! And, I hope you indulge, and check it out too.

Gandalf Agrees
Gandalf totally approves!

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