Did you know Sauron’s original name was Mairon? Did you know that he was the God of the things that Middle Earth is made up of? No? Neither did I. Read on to find more of these interesting facts about the world of Middle Earth, and your favorite LoTR characters.

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Fantasy, and science fiction is something that I love to read, and watch. More so fantasy fiction than sci-fi. Naturally, and obiviously, The LoTR series is one my favorites. I mean, who doesn’t like LoTR, right?

And, unless you have read (almost) all the books that Mr. Tolkien has had published, on the topic of Middle Earth, and have a fabulous memory to boot, it’s kind of daunting to remember all the little bits of information about people, and places within the world of Middle Earth - it’s a long, long read.

I am sure you’ve read the LoTR series and/or watched the movies, here’s something very interesting for you. Little bits of extremely interesting trivia about the world, and charaters of Middle Earth. All relating to the LoTR trilogy.

8 Sauron Facts You May Not Have Known

Aleksandar Dragutinović, A.K.A Gioseppe on 9Gag has spent some time, and energy into making these infographic like memes that contain awesomely awesome trivia about places, and your favorite characters in world of the Rings.

Here’s one of these infographic-memes. As the heading suggests, this one tells you 8 facts about Sauron (the bad guy), that you may have not known. For e.g., did you know that Sauron’s original name was Mairon? I sure did not; not until I read this!

8 Sauron Facts You May Not Have Known
8 Sauron Facts You May Not Have Known by Aleksandar Dragutinović, A.K.A Gioseppe

Did you know that Mr. Tolkien Thought Of Samwise as the true hero of the LoTR Story?

JRR Tolkien though of Samwise as the true hero of the story, not Frodo or anyone else. Did you know? I did not either! But aparently that’s true. There are about seven more of these, really cool infographic-memes. Gioseppe has really done a swell job of bringing these small little facts to our notice.

I definitely think it’s worth your time to have a look at these, if you’re a Tolkien fan, like me.

Read Awesome LoTR Trivia by Gioseppe

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