It's the 15th of August - Independence day here. It's only natural to share some thoughts about freedom. Not from tyranny, oppression or some such. But from death or rather from the fear of it. Enter, Memento Mori.

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It’s an expression. It’s a latin expression. It’s meant to be a reminder. Of what? Of death. It’s a reminder that we’re all only human. And, being a human or any other living organism in this world, means that death is inevitable. It can also be a powerful reminder, not of death but that of life, and that we should live; not under the fear of it ending. Memento Mori is a latin expression. It originated in ancient rome. Literally translated, it means: Remember that you have to die. It’s also related to ars moriendi or The Art of Dying, and the literature surrounding death or the general end of things.

Essentially, it’s something that I assume we use it to remind ourselves that we’re only mortal. That death will come. Sooner or later, but it’ll come; in one form or another. That everything here, is a matter of time. It’s kind of a rough deal, reminding ourselves that we only have limited time; only so much time. That we’re, someday, not going be anything but stardust; be nothing but nothing. Become nothing.

I like to see it, and express the term as a reminder to live; not as a reminder of mortality but that of life. As something that means we’re still alive. If we accept we’re mortals, we’ve only to live; that there’s more to live for. It’s a reminder of coming from nothing, and going home. It’s a reminder for watching the stars, to become saturated with colors, to fill up on dreams, to be surprised, and be amazed by everything, to chase butterflies, to love, to lose, to win, to fall, to grow, to be curious again. Above all, it’s a wakeup call; not about the fact that death is approaching, but that of being alive still. That there are things to do, people to meet, sights to see, and everything to share. It’s an inspiration to live; if I may, it’s an invitation to life.

Memento Mori By Sebastian Linda: It’s More About Life Than Death.

Memento Mori, apart from being a poem that I wrote back in April this year, is also a video by Sebastian Linda. He goes out to Italy, with his wife Sophia to visit Giuseppe Spagnuolo.

Mr. Giuseppe Spagnuolo is the last resident of his town Roscigno Vecchia; one of many such lost villages in Italy. And well, he lives; in solitude. He’s not waiting to die. He’s living a life; as the last man in his home town.

The video is narrative, of life and that of Giuseppe Spagnuole’s life. It reminds us that we’ve yet to live, and we’ve to keep living until we are nothing. It expresses these sentiments exactly, and that’s why I thought of sharing this here.

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