BY indefiniteloop - Haiku No. 16 - The Photographer.

“I just think it’s important to be direct and honest with people about why you’re photographing them and what you’re doing. After all, you are taking some of their soul.” - Mary Ellen Mark.

A Tribute to Mary Ellen Mark.

A friend, recently, pointed out that Mary Ellen Mark had passed away. At that instant, I couldn’t remember her name, but may have seen her work - thus I replied. Which is true. I am bad with names that way.

A tribute to Mary Ellen Mark
Mary Ellen Mark
March 20, 1940 - May 25, 2015

Then, Today I wanted to write a Haiku on/about photography, and the photographer. Somehow, it turned out to be a tribute for Mary Ellen Mark.

Haiku No. 16 - The Photographer. - by

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