BY indefiniteloop

“There are other reasons, along with the run-of-the-mill evolutionary ones, why we’ve only ten fingers, and ten toes. There are reasons why your body, and mine are limited. There are reasons why you, and me are limitless. Balance, is one of them. Limitations, and infinities are the other reasons.

To be able to standup straight on our own two feet, while bearing weight on our backs, and shoulders, and grasping it with our fingers, and defying gravity with our palms, is balance. Knowing when, and were to stop. Knowing when, and where not to stop, is the limitation that our body offers us. Then there are the two Irises, filled with our hopes, and individualistic dreams. Countless of them. The one heart, that keeps all of us going. It’s huge, even if it feels cramped. It’s huge! Most of us fail to take advantage of that fact. If we keep on not utilizing the space it has to offer others, evolution then will work it’s way up, creep into our hearts, and take the space away. Our minds are vast, and fathomless. Filled with the echoes of possibilities, and favored scenarios. Filled with colorful dialogues, and monologues. Filled with dread, whims, and ambitions. Our minds are easily swayed, and fast learners. Each is different, yet the same. Some are curious, like mine. Other’s are analytical, like yours, and so on. If you think mathematical infinities are a huge problem, then you’ve not really discovered the depths, and the heights that our minds offer us. Often the mind, and body are like disparate radio channels, where the frequencies of the wavelengths, and the melodies don’t match up. This is where the limitations, and the infinities comes in. And so, Balance is basically the result of contradictions, offered to us, daily. Offered to us from everything around us. Thus the purpose for us then, every day, is to create music, and to create anti-music. Music, so that both our minds, and our body dance the same dance, to the tune of the masterpiece. Anti-music, to remove those disparities that cause the difference of wavelengths, and mismatched melodies.” -

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