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It’s been slow, gearing towards the redesign of Sojourner.Photography, and with the process of refactoring the design of this blog. I’ve been learning, and relearning tons, with respect to the User Interface, and Design for Sojourner.Photography. The site will be a portfolio with a blog, for all my experiments with light. Currently, as things stand, most of my free time goes into developing, and testing the app.

Naturally, I’ve been searching, watching, and reading a lot of material that deals with Design, User Interfaces, and User Experience as, and when I get the time to do so. The application of the knowledge gained through all those articles, and videos won’t be limited, just, to Sojourner.Photography, or the design of this blog. It will come in, tremendously, handy going ahead with A.ppathetic. All those notes, and bookmarked videos would come in handy for designing, writing, and publishing apps. And I love sharing all of those resources with you, here on this blog. The below embedded video on User Interface design for Programmers, is one such resource.

Video: Talk on User Interface Design for Programmers.

Some time back I stumbled upon a talk by Ryan Singer , aptly titled User Interface Design for Programmers. Ryan Singer explains fundamental concepts to help you, as a programmer, to design, and implement UI for your apps. The video has book recommendations, along with tons of show, and tell. A lot of what he says, makes sense from a user’s point of view.

If you have an hour to spare today, then watch the video embedded below. Definitely, time spent well.

Please Note: The video is from 2009, and the volume may need to be turned up.

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