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I’ve covered some video resources for learning English grammar before, but here’s another list of some free resources for learning, and checking your grammar online. Again, as I’ve stated before on this blog, it’s not a secret that I suck at using proper grammar. I’ve been at it though. Not so much as I would like to, but enough. I thought I did share this, with anyone in the same boat as I.

8 Free, Useful Resources for Learning, and Checking English Grammar Online.

1. The domain name may come across as misleading, because the name of this web-app is After the Deadline. This is a great online web app for checking, and polishing your posts. It’s also known as AtD. After the Deadline, is from the makers of WordPress - AUTOMATTIC. It’s available as a self-hosted WordPress plugin, bbPress plugin, and as extension/plugins for most browsers. You can use it with MS Word too, if that’s your thing. I did highly recommend AtD blog. It’s got tons of pointers, and general tutorials that help you edit/write content better.

2. Another great resource. LangaugeTool is OpenSource. It’s meant for proof-reading your writ. What’s more is that it can proof read content in English, French, German, Polish, and 20+ more languages. LanguageTool is available for usage with LibreOffice, and OpenOffice. They have a standalone, desktop app along with an extension for Firefox too.

3. A blog, and an online grammar checker rolled into a single page. Awesome posts, in varied writing categories. The blog posts are, definitely, a must read. The site uses After the Deadline’s API for checking grammar, so not much of a checking resources as much as a content based learning resource.

4. English Grammar Rules & Usage: A web page that, neatly, organizes everything you need to know about using English Grammar - From Adjectives to Academic Writing Skills. Definitely something to bookmark, read, and learn from.

Using two of the grammar resources that are listed above.
Here, I am using, and AtD, mentioned above, to correct some grammar in this post.

5. Free Online English Grammar Lessons: has a great, free online tutorial for people seeking to learn basic, essential English grammar. Comes in very handy when I don’t have the books with me.

6. Just like the above resource, it’s a great online resource to learn grammar, and punctuation.

7. Grammar Monster: An online learning resource with a twist. The home page show’s the most commonly misused punctuation, right there in front of you. It has a very nice punctuation test, and I took it. Just don’t ask me what the results of my test were. They also have a Daily Grammar Tip section, something to go back to the site for, every now, and then.

8. Online Writing Lab: Also known as OWL, is another resource to learn the basics, and essentials of the English grammar. Everything that you can find in No. 5, and 6, you can find it in here too. Why do I list all three? For your convenience of course. It’s your personal preference that matters.

If you know any other’s that I’ve missed, or think that it/they would help me with my grammar, do leave a comment, and let me know about it/them?

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