Thirty three things I've learned in thirty-three moments.

BY indefiniteloop

A list of small things that I’ve learned through 33 moments.

  1. Time moves differently for different people.
  2. While please, and thank you go a long way, sorry should be more reserved a word. Spoken only when you’re guilty, and when you mean it.
  3. There’s always more. And, less is more too.
  4. Staying curious is a life long goal.
  5. It’s hard to make friends. Harder to keep them referring to as friends.
  6. People teach us a lot of things. Whether it is for the last time that we meet them or we keep meeting them for a lifetime, they’ve always something to teach; every meeting is a lesson in something.
  7. Will power is limited. Different quanta exist within, and for different people. That just means time runs differently for each of us. See point one.
  8. Surrounding yourself with a select few does a lot more than surrounding yourself with everyone in a crowd.
  9. There are things, and events that drain energy. Then there are things, and events that refresh and refill it. Learning to keep the balance between the two, is key. Empty vessels make noise, and fully filled vessels have no space for more.
  10. The world is a more flatter place now. Borders don’t stop us from reaching out.
  11. Because the world has grown smaller, people’s expectations have gone up. I am no exception. I too realize that my expectations from others, and other things have changed; changed meaning gone up. With that being said, having a thicker skin or meeting those expectations helps.
  12. Learning to say no is an art form in itself. Becoming clear as to what to say yes to, and when, it does wonders; both for ourselves, and others.
  13. Everything that doesn’t hold interest, is over rated. If I’ve to do it still, I’ll have fun with it. Make it fun for me, and others
  14. Spending more than five minutes on making a decision is counter intuitive, and counter productive. Any more of time involved in thinking about it, and I’ll let it be. Then, I’ll come back to it at a later time. In the meantime, moving on to something else that can be easily done, and decided upon is a time saver.
  15. Everything, and everyone changes. Although foundations remain the same, goals, and circumstances keep redefining everything.
  16. There exists a duality within nature. She’s made up of it, and thus everything else that births from her, harbors this duality too. Hypocrisy is built in everything nature has created. You, and I are no exceptions. Becoming more accepting of it, it matters.
  17. Getting comfortable as you grow older is a bane. It takes more, and then some to get out of the comfortable rut.
  18. Having a forgetful memory is a boon.
  19. For things and stuff that require a long-term memory, I’ll carry notebooks for that. Pens, pencils, notebooks or journals are the bestest thing that happened to me. Add Desk to that list too.
  20. Writing whatever, wherever, and however is a daily goal. Publishing it can wait, but writing is paramount.
  21. Goals need to be kept realistic. They need to be broken down into as tiny tasks as possible. Conversely, I am no good without having goals, to keep track of procrastination, and progress.
  22. Plans change. While making them, I keep reminding myself of that fact. They depend on a lot of variables that we don’t have control over.
  23. Mostly, I am quite. Various reasons for this. One being that I am shy. The other being that I think like an 11 year old. So, I let the adults do their talking. If I can’t be kind to you, I’ll be quite to you.
  24. I fight, but only as a last option.
  25. I’ve realized that being able to take everything easy, and with a smile, is a privilege.
  26. I have a soul, and a conscious (was doubting this for a long, long time).
  27. Usually, I am not arrogant. But, I’ll also won’t become a doormat. My sanity, and sanctity are precious to me.
  28. Friendship, and love are two different things.
  29. I am jaded. I getting bored with things, and stuff that I lose interest in (11 year old). And, this is perfectly fine. This just enables me to get to know myself better.
  30. Not stressing over futility, and letting things go quickly add to my quality of life.
  31. Questions matter more. And, I’ll bend everything to make the answers submit to my will. When I can’t, I’ll accept it, and move on; just my curiosity.
  32. Late nights, and early mornings are beautiful. They’re when most of the world is asleep. Everything is fresh, and beautiful. Everything permeates something in the air, during these times of day.
  33. Principles change. Rules change. Order changes. So will this list. So will you. Si will I.

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