Five free, minimal, and great looking website templates.

BY indefiniteloop

I do enjoy browsing, and looking at some of the designs crafted by designers from all over. There’re tons of places I like to visit for this. And, if one of these designs inspires me to some extent, I then put it inside a “swipe” folder on the main machine; future reference for other projects.

Here are five free PSD / website themes or templates that I like. These are available to download, and use free of charge. Some have limitations on usage, others do not.

Free Minimalistic Website Templates:

  1. Clean Template: Free landing page website, with Behance API built in.

    Clean template
    Clean Template

    Clean Template is a responsive, clean, and a minimalistic one page website template. It comes with inbuilt Behance API support, which you can use to connect your portfolio landing page to, using Clean Template. It comes bundled with the PSD too, just incase you need to make more adjustments or any other customization to the design. It’s an awesome, one pager meant for portfolios. See it at behance. Clean Template’s by Tomasz Mazurczak -

    Live Demo Download Thomsoon

  2. UNUM: Free portfolio website PSD template.

    Unum template
    UNUM Free Template

    UNUM is a free PSD template for your portfolio. I love the earthy tones in this template. UNUM is by Frank van Deursen. See it at behance.

    Download UNUM

  3. WOODER: Free PSD website template.

    Wooder template
    WOODER website template

    WOODER is another free PSD website template. It’s by Viacheslav Olianishyn. It’s a all black, gold, and white space. I really like the boldness of Wooder. It can be used as a portfolio, one pager. But, if you can spend more time on it, I am sure this can be a good start for a whole project of sorts. See it at behance.

    Download WOODER

  4. Free PSD website template for musicians.

    Unum template
    Free PSD website template for musicians

    A simple, one pager website PSD template available for download for free. See it at behance.

    For the iPhone, and iPad PSD versions, click here.


  5. Thomsoon V1.0: Free, simple portfolio template.

    Thomsoon V1.0 template
    Thomsoon V1.0 Free Template

    Another one by Tomasz Mazurczak - Thomsoon is a free, simple, and minimalistic portfolio template; it’s the namesake of the creator/designer. It’s a free, downloadable HTML5/CSS3 template. The HTML5/CSS3 template comes with parallax built in, uses jQuery, and is a fully responsive template. Although it’s made to be a multipurpose template, it mostly falls under the portfolio theme category. See it at behance.

    Live Demo Download Thomsoon

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