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I shifted from Hostgator to Digital Ocean, recently. On doing so, I had to setup a MTA1, on the server; for the various forms, on some personal websites, to work. I went ahead, and setup Sendmail2. I wanted to use Mandrill3 as a SMTP relay, with Sendmail2. It was a breeze setting that up to work, thanks to Di’s (a.k.a zdk), post4.

When I tried testing some of the contact forms, I realized that Sendmail2 was either hanging and/or taking upwords of 45s to send the contact form details, to me, via Mandrill3. This was totally not expected.

On researching further, I found that Sendmail2, requires a fully qualified domain name (FQDN)5 to be setup within /etc/hosts6, for it work, if I may, nicely.

The FQDN5 can be a non-existent one, as long it’s pointing to localhost or

Me, when it all started working, wonderfully.
email send - give it to me now!

Hope this helps someone.

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