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Please Note: The below post is, completely non-edited. It's been posted as I have typed it, in ilys1. You will find a ton of grammar and spelling mistakes. That's on purpose, for the sake of this review. I have added markup and images, where necessary and, the update box at the end of this post, but beyond that everything is just a copy-paste, directly from ilys1

Currently, I am writing , on a completely blank screen. That’s ilys.com1 for you. I am also considering, not editing this post, after I finish typing. I am going tho be publishing this one, exactly the way I have typed it.

Ilys - Writing Tool
This is how, I wrote this post. It's completely blank, except for the icons and the word count.

The interface is extremely, minimal. I like it! I can see four icons, on the screen in front of me. A green bar, indicating my progress, towards my target - which is 300 words or so. I can see the number of workds going up, as I keep typing, and hitting the spacebar, one word a time.

I just realised, another thing; this is making me think, about my next choice of words, about my next choice of grammer. Ah! I made a mistake there. I can’t use backspace, I can’t see what I am typing.

I think, more writeres apps should have this feature. Where you can’t see, what you are typing. At least, ‘til you reach a certain target of words, that you set for yourself. Sure, some writing apps out there, do give you the option to choose “forward flow” - where you can see what you are writing, but cannot erase or editi anything. There , I amde a mistake again It’s very, very exciting, that I am aware of the mistakes I am making, with my spellings and grammar. It’s also, very very exciting that I am actually thinking about writing and what to write about ilys.com1.

Ilys - Writing Tool
Once you finish, you can go to the edit screen, and save your progress and edit your document if you did like to. I haven't.

I have to say, I wish had something offline. Something like an app that I could use, almost daily. Where, I could write without seeing what I am writng and just write. There I made a mistake again!

What, I don’t like about the interface is a little “Peek” button. You know what, I do not like any of the icons on the screen. I wish they could hide it or give an option to hide it. That way it would be the blank screen, the text and then my thoughts.

Last, but not the least; it’s so much fun! I can go on writing this, like this wihtout stopping.

Ilys - Writing Tool
After you edit and save your writ. You can review it from the dashboard.

[Update]: There’s also classic.ilys.com2 - I haven’t tried it yet, but it does look similar to ilys1 and I suppose it’s donation ware.

Ilys - Writing Tool
I haven't tried it, yet. But ilys classic2 looks the same, I guess.

  1. Check out - The weirdest and, the awesomest writing tool I have stumbled upon, thank’s to Rahul 2 3

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