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“A thinker sees his own actions as experiments and questions–as attempts to find out something. Success and failure are for him answers above all.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche1

Odd to think, right after you’ve failed, that you, needed that failure. You needed to fail.

Failing, has been a trending thing for, so many people. People just like you and I. Whenever we have failed, never once, have we thought about failure; while pursuing, whatever it is, that we are pursuing. They were all, our mistakes. You own them, I own mine. We, together, don’t let them, control us.

Evaulating and thinking about our failures, is a gift, in itself. We learn so much! We never win that tournament or get that sale in, or take that trophy home. We, live for another type of a trophy. A smile and, a worn out & ragged mind. The smile of knowing that, “I tried it, gave it my best shot and you know what!? I was never really meant to do that!”. The smile of knowing that, “I am taking a vacation now, but you know what, I will be right back!”.

Unless we lose ourselves, into things and endevours that we think may be our calling, how are we to find out otherwise, what is it that we seek? We risk it all, label it as entreprenuerial spirit, sugar coat it, scrounge to feed ourselves, get scared shitless, lost within our thoughts at night - thinking only about how to make something work, for us; how to make our current endevour, be our only endevour. We, lose most of the times. For many of us, we are still losing. What sets you apart, if you are like us, is not the label, not the sugar coating and definitely not the daily living-in with the fear, but the one thing - your courage.

Courage, to accept your failure, to know it’s time to throw in that, proverbial, towel. Courage, to know that your heart has changed, that it, now knows, as a fact, that you are not happy with whatever it is you are trying to achieve, because the end goal is not something you want. Courage, to stand up and face a new day, with acceptance, humilty and the spirit of you and your works - be it successes or failures. Courage, to accept someone esle’s dream and help someone else achieve it, because you know how precious dreams, really are. Courage, to try the hardest thing of all - ripping your own, dreams into reality.

While everyone, aroud you, seems to find the squares and rounds, to fit themsevles in; you take the chance, make the decision of not fitting in. Of, accepting that you, as I, are not meant to fit in. Not meant to, have what everyone seems to know, as a fact a normal life.

We don’t care, if someone says that it’s impossible - we’ll still go ahead, ever willing to make it possible. We don’t care, if someone says, “I told you so!” - we smile, we move on; sometimes, if they are lucky enough, they will hear us say “I tried, and realized it’s something I am not good for/at.”

If it’s something we want to do, something that makes us happy. If it’s our dream to travel somewhere, in all sense of that word, then we just, dive in.

Taking that leap, is a journey. An adventure. Have as many as you desire!

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