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Meetup.com1 is a wonderful tool that enables you to meet people, in your local community, whose interest’s are the same as your’s. I have been a member, since last year (2014) and, have joined a few groups. Never, really, got the time or space, to actually go to one.

I wanted to change that, this year. Browsing, through all those meetups, within my locality/city, I, stumbled upon - Mumbai Writestuff Writing Club2. Being ever so skeptical about, meeting new people or/and feeling awkward in a social environment, I just can’t small talk and more often than not, remain quiet. That’s me; an introvert. With me, went my sister, she wants to write and is scared of doing so. Commuting towards the meetup place, we both were just exchanging thoughts and ideas, of how we are going to be quiet and just listen to everyone there. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting to enjoy myself and my time. I did.

As an introvert, you need an environment, within which you feel comfortable enough to open up and, talk to people. This was the case, from the beginning, with this group; the enviroment was comfortable, the experience something …unexpected, in a productive way. I really, did enjoy myself and, learned more about writing, specifically, my own. And that’s, just awesome.

Everyone, at my first meetup:
Writing Community - Meetup - Mumbai

It was around 4:15 PM, that someone opened the door for us. I walk in, looking around for a place to sit. New people, new faces everywhere. As soon as we were comfortably seated, we introduced ourselves. After a long time, it felt like the enviroment was conducive and relaxed for me, to open up and actually be a part of the community. Once we all started talking, the ice was broken. It never, once, felt uncomfortable. Never was I bored; which, usually is the case with me, within social environments, like this one. Being comfortable and able to be a part of this community, right off the bat, made me happy and excited, as a cloud pouring out rain and, bellowing some thunder.

Around 40 people had RSVP-ed, for this particular event; not all of them came, but at the end there were 17 of us. I respect, each and everyone who came and did those excersizes in Writing. That take’s some, serious, guts! Thank you everyone, for making it comfortable, for the both of us. I am not good with names, I highly doubt that I will remember anyone’s name, except may be Peace’s. Yea, his first name is Peace. You, always, remember something like that.

And at that note:
Peace you all!

  1. - A social networking website and app, that enables you to meet new people, whose interest’s are the same as your’s. 

  2. Mumbai Writestuff Writing Club - A great community, for anyone and everyone, who want’s to write and learn to write, in Mumbai, India. 

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