Here are some resources to help you roll up your shirt's sleeves, and keep them rolled up. This is the one, and only kind or type of sleeve roll that works for me, when I want to keep them rolled up.

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I am a half sleeve kinda guy, and usually prefer that my sleeves be rolled up. You know, because you may to dig in, at any point in time. Scouts honor, and motto: Be prepared. Not that I don’t wear full sleeved shirts, they’re awesome to sport now, and again; Also, I’ve too many of them. I do hate the sleeves falling down, after I’ve rolled them up. And, this post is precisely about how not to let them slide off.

How To Roll Up Your Shirt’s Sleeves, And Keep Them Rolled Up

One fine evening, I was sitting there, at the cafe around the corner, and wondering what should I write about. And, I noticed my sleeve sloppily dropping down, on to the keyboard. It irritated me, to a degree that I forwent the question of what to write, and instead focused on finding a solution that did not involve point objects like a safety pin.

This is exactly when I stumbled upon the image, and videos embedded below. Though, that day did not see this post published. Nonetheless, for the foreseeable future, whenever I wore full sleeved shirts, I rolled up my sleeves as shown below. And you know what, it actually worked! The sleeves never slide off the arm now! Magic, huh?

The Italian A.K.A The Master Sleeve Roll

Esquire calls this sleeve roll ‘The Italian Sleeve Roll’, whereas The Art of Manliness calls this ‘The Master Sleeve Roll’, and so does Stylight Germany, and tons of other sites. Regardless of what it’s called, all we need to know is that it works. It holds the sleeves, in place.

The Italian Sleeve Roll by Esquire Mag
The Italian Sleeve Roll by Esquire. This is the only one that seemed to work for me; it held the sleeves in place.

For the sake of brevity, I’ve made gifs out of the videos, which are then linked below their respective gifs . The videos showcase more than one way to roll your shirt’s sleeves up. However, as mentioned above, the one way that actually works for me, is embedded as gifs below, and almost all videos out there of this particular type of sleeve roll, call it as ‘The Master Sleeve Roll’.

Note: Both these show the same process of rolling up your sleeves. Because, you know, we need different angles, and what not.

The Master Sleeve Roll by Art of Manliness

The Italian Sleeve Roll by Esquire Mag
How to Roll Up Your Sleeves | The Art of Manliness.

The Master Sleeve Roll by Stylight

The Italian Sleeve Roll by Esquire Mag
Master Sleeve Roll | STYLIGHT How To Wear.

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