A five minute story of how to hustle, and become the best villain there is.

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I am not a sneaker kind of a guy. I do love my boots, flip-flops and shoes. Without socks. I am not fond of socks. I, more often than not, do not own, and wear multiple pair of shoes, as per the occasions dictate. I stick to one pair, until it’s time to take out or buy a new one; no matter the occasion. This helps me with making faster choices, keeps me grounded, and adds to the minimalistic point of view, and philosophy that I am so dearly wanting to cling to.

I happened to click on the video embedded below, simply because I have a best friend who knows his sneakers, and is into them; all the time. He loves them. He loves gifting them, and I’ve had the pleasure of being on the receiving end of that very nature of his; thank you for the ASICS, frivolewis. I clicked on the video, so that I could watch it, and then share this video with him.

The Sneaker Broker — 23Penny

The Sneaker Broker is a misleading title for this video. Yes, it’s about Z. Yuanrun Zheng*, A.K.A 23Penny, and of his life as a Sneaker Broker. But, it’s also about so much, much more. It’s about the hustle, and what it takes to be the first one at the front of the line.

Sneaker Broker by Inkwell Films

“I am trying to be the best villian there is” — 23Penny, A.K.A Z Yuanrun Zheng.

In the above embedded video, 23Penny talks about his craft, that of being, and becoming a sneaker broker, and how bots, etc., are used to actually buy out the fast selling items, and then are being resold at a greater price. Why? Because, there’s a demand for these goods (sneakers). He takes the example of Nike Air Yezzys — Sneakers co-created by Nike (Adidas too has a Yezzys line — Yezzy Boost), and Kanye West, to show how he hustles to earn the extra greens that he does. It’s a really inspiring video, in the sense of not giving up on the hustle or doing what it takes to be the first one, the foremost one, standing in the line.

What I love about the video is that Z Yuanrun Zheng, he does not hide who he is, what he does, and why he does what he does. He’s a hustler. He’s here to take your money, and your sale, and can be found in front of the line because of who he is.

If you have five minutes today, I would highly recommend watching this video.

PS: Yezzys are available at affordable prices online, in India.

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