My perception about writing, comes down to a simple thought - I write for myself; elsewhere, on this blog, and everywhere. Maybe that's narcissistic or something, but it does help me in multitude of ways.

BY indefiniteloop

What to write about? How do I write it? Will people read, if I write it? Are there any rules to writing? Is my grammar correct, have I spelled that right? Am I being too creative or imaginative here? Are 100 words enough? Are 1000 words enough? Who am I writing for? Should I be writing this on the on the phone / PC? Or should I take up a pen, and a notebook?

No, this post is not about answering these , and the several hundreds of questions that stalk us, and stop us from writing, per say. Although, these questions may seem valid, and may be required to generate a post or two (such as this one here), they do not necessarily have to stop us from performing the act of writing. In that sense then, they become irrevelant.

When I first started out with this blog, I was as much under the influence of my questionable self, as anyone else who owns a blog or two or is a writer in any sense of the word. I even became a sort of evangelist for writing, and writers; that without having any experience or formal foundation on running a blog, publishing, and writing; without anyone who’d follow mine torch to the lighter side of street while dropping words like beats, along the way. It was a whim that started all of this; it is the challenge (for Naruto fans out there - Remember Gai Sensei’s ‘Self rules’? Yep, that) of putting the time, energy, and thought into running this blog that keeps me going today.

Why All Those Questions Above,And All Other Questions That Stop Us from Writing, Should Be Irrelevant?

The answer is simple, and unless you’re a freelance writer, copywriter, a journalist, or someone who makes a living by dropping words onto empty sheets, it then becomes that motivation is hard to find. And it, and by it I mean motivation, and the following act of writing itself, it competes with time, and resources that we can allot to this one activity. Thus, in many versions rendering it futile.

Then there’s just one answer to it all, we write for our own sake. We write, because we exist. This becomes the much needed motivator, to actually put words in place, and form something meaningul, for our own future selves. At least that’s how I percieve most of the posts on this blog - As milestones, route markers, time capsules, and proliferators of experiences, and champions of becoming bare to the bone.

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