A neat little guide to help you select your next sunglasses, based on the shape, and size of your fab beard.

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Who doesn’t like wearing shades? I know you do — yes, you! Accept it. You know it makes you look cool, and at the same time it does help shade your eyes. Did you know that now it’s a fact that wearing sunglasses (and smiling), makes you happier? Yep, you read that right. Sunglasses actually help you not to squint, and thereby delivering an important message to your brain, thus making you happier. Don’t take my word for it.

Growing hair out of my face — that makes me even more happier, for some weird reason. I figured if I’ve got it, then why not flaunt it — right? Right! So now, I’m a hairy mess from top to bottom. Not very far away from looking like a bear or a gorilla; I am just not the metrosexual type. And, in the last five months or so, I’ve grown quite a lot of it. This then brings me to the topic of sunglasses, and…beards.

Sunglasses And Beards

Until about a couple of months ago, I had worn nothing but wayfarers. Because that was the only shape of sunglasses that’d suit me, and my short beard of a face or so I’d thought. Not anymore though, not after someone gifted me two different types of shapes of shades. That’s when I noticed that I may look good, in other shapes too! After some deliberate experimentation, I know what suits me, and my face beard.

As mentioned, it did take some experimentation on my part to figure out which shapes would suit me now. Let us save hairy-you the trouble of experimentation, with this infographic by SunglassWarehouse.com — embedded below. While we’re on the topic, if I only had access to this infographic sometime ago, it would’ve definitely saved me some of the experimentation; full beard, and aviators definitely go well with each other. So do wayfarers, and rectangular aviators.

Sunglasses, and Facial Hair Guide
Sunglasses, and Facial Hair Guide by Sunglasswarehouse.com

The infographic covers a lot of popular beard styles, and helps you choose the right shape of shades for you. It also suggests things, and shapes you can avoid, pair up your fab beard with or help you avert popular cliches - like the stache-d cop with the aviator, anyone?

Not that this guide is the end-all, and be-all of sunglasses, and beards. It’s merely meant to help you figure out, and narrow down on which ones you should try on, based on your personal style, and preferences; I still go back to my wayfarers every so often.

Thank you Bryan Vu, for making this available for me to share it here!

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