An awesome little infographic that compares the history of the GoT world, with ours.

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Who isn’t a GoT fan? Even the haters I know, watch it. They watch every single episode, every season! Did you know that in 2012, about 160 babies in the US alone were named ‘Khaleesi’ - after Daenerys’ title. It’s also the first TV series to be screened in IMAX theaters.

Game of Thrones, it’s something that our herd cannot escape - Yes, the sex is that good! Throw cliffhangers, gory deaths, and coming-back-to-life scenarios into the mix and you’ve got a winner-winner-chicken-dinner on your hands. Minus the snafu of the books never being published on time, of course. GRRM did not write his ritualistic one-episode-per-season script for the fifth, and the sixth season, because he wanted to complete the sixth book of the series - ’The Winds Of Winter’. Hopefully it won’t longer than it took ‘A Dance With Dragons’ to be published; which was five years of wait, without a TV series to boot!

Obviously since we’re almost midway into the newest season, I thought of riding the bandwagon with everyone out there. But, as I can’t come up with any shareable, original content to publish here in this post, I am just going to share this awesome infographic I found while I was browsing on reddit.

Game Of Thrones VS. Actual Human History

A very interesting, and telling infographic this one. It’s by the awesome people over at It compares the history of the world of Game of Thrones, with the real-life history of our world. Oh, and just a heads up - the map of our world is not accurate, it’s just made so that it can look similar to the world of GoT.

'Game of Thrones' vs 'Human History' by

Here’s one last, interesting trivia; interesting especially if you’re a LoTR fan as well:

A replica of Glamdring - Gandalf’s sword, is forged inside the Iron Throne!

Header photo credit: Mark Turner</p>

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