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Have a blog? Here are 10 awesome, free tools and resources, that I use for blogging. These are great, easy to use and come in handy, from time to time.

10 Free Tools and Resources for your blogging needs.

1. Portent’s Content Idea Generator: As the name suggests, it’s an idea generator. Great for times when you need a topic to write about.

2. Google’s Hot Trends: An awesome resource, to write about something that people are searching for.

3. Buzzsumo Top Content: Let’s you search and find, the most shared content for a given topic. Great to see what other’s are writing about a topic/idea you want to write about.

4. Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator: As the name suggests, its a topic generator. You enter in 3 nouns. And it generates the topics for you. Sometimes it gets repetitive, but hey it still works.

5. Hemmingway app: A great tool to edit your posts. It has definitely helped me get better, with my long sentences and grammar. Definitely worth a try. The Hemmingway app beta is better than the original. I liked it so much, I bought the desktop version.

6. Haiku Deck: Nifty tool for creating and embedding presentations. The presentation, on top of this post, was created with Haiku deck. Great tool for creating info-graphics, if you are writing a post based on some data you want to present to the reader. Tons of options and resources.

8. The Alphabetizer: A great tool for sorting out lists / words, alphabetically.

9. Pixlr Editor: An online photo editor. For all those photos you want to edit/create and add to your blog posts. Easy to use. One of the closest clones of PS.

10. Co-schedule Headline Analyzer: An awesome tool for analysing and writing better headlines for you blog posts. I use it, almost, every day.

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