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It is rare to come across people, who have the power to move, inspire and motivate someone like me. James Victore is one such guy.

It’s been two years now, that I stumbled onto a 99U talk by James Victore - Your Work is A Gift (See Youtube video below). Ever since then, I’ve been a fan or groupie or whatever, of his work and him. At times, when it feels like I need some motivation or need some inspiration, up comes his Youtube channel and his talks.

There are a few people online, that offer you, authentic value to take home, based on his/her professional and personal experiences. James Victore does, exactly this. He gives you something to take home. I’ve been wanting to write about him since the last two years. Finally, I’ve. This post is about telling you, to have a look at his youtube channel - Burning Questions.

Burning Questions

Q & A tuesdays, now known as Burning Questions, is a youtube channel. Every week, James Victore picks up a question sent to him by, one of his many groupies and answers them via this channel. He answers these in a way, that just inspires and motivates you. At the least, every talk makes/will make you smile.Below is the latest, from the Burning Questions channel.

It’s been, again, two years since I have subscribed to his channel. Never a dull a moment, I swear!

Dinner Series

He has these Dinner series, every year. The Dinner Series is a workshop and salon, limited to 8 guests. Four days of studio work and four days of dinner and discussions, with leading personalities in the arts, creative and cultural domains. I’ve been wishing to go for one, from the last two years.

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