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More than a month ago, Paul Jarvis’ newsletter contained a prompt - “How do you give yourself the space necessary to create?”. Something I wanted to write about.

I’ve been thinking and observing myself and my processes, of finding, giving or creating space for my thoughts to rise up. And when and how do I come up with ideas/thoughts that make me who I am, that help me create.

The below, is a haphazard list of where and how my creativity comes from. The below, is how I find my creative space.

Finding My Creative Space.

Inspiration comes in all forms and sizes. You only have to look around you. This is one thing, I am a staunch believer of. While I may be still learning, to look at art and appreciate everything around me. There are times when just looking outside my window, give rise to so much. The first poem, I published on this blog, is an inspiration from a tree, and is based on that same tree, I was looking at. Right outside my window. It was early morning.

I need a ton of that “me time”, on a daily basis. A time when I am alone with my thoughts. No distractions, no screens, nada. Just a pen, a notebook and my thoughts. This, for me, goes a long way to sort out and comb through my head. More often than not, giving rise to ideas and thoughts.

Another thing that helps, with my creative process, is something known as Morning Pages. I write my Morning Pages, daily. Apart from that, there are times when the clock hand suggests that it’s 3AM in the morning. And all I can do is take my life journal and vomit. Throw everything that’s crossing my mind, onto the paper. This doesn’t happen often. It happens, when anxiety and loneliness build up. Writing plays a big role in my day-to-day life and helps me sort out my priorities, too.

I am a nature lover. I love the Rising Mountains, as much as the Endless Seas. I love the Winter, Cold, Rain and Snow. I love the Light of the Morning Sun. The colors of the Evening Sun. Extreme heat drains me of all kinds of energies. So, a walk out in the evening or early morning, is something I cherish. Waking up early, and hunting for breakfast is something I love doing. Walking, without actually heading anywhere, without any purpose, helps me tons with my creativity . It helps me clear my head, of all those self-doubts and anxieties. Trekking, swimming and cycling help too!

Cafes around the corner, help me hone my observation skills. These times are not only meant for bird watching, hint hint, but also for self reflection, when I am alone at the cafe. Or talking about things I did/do, with friend(s). While alone at the cafe, I tend to carry all my notebooks and write. Whatever it is that comes to mind. While with my friend(s), I tend to be ridiculously, a pain in their ass(s). Coming up with utterly, rubbish scenarios. While this may irritate most, to a few this is a chance where we brainstorm on ideas and thoughts, each of us have had. Making it a light and fun exercise of sorts.

When I exercise, it’s painful. But once done, it’s one of the best times to be creative, at the least in your own head. That’s what I do.

Trying out new things, that seem to peak my interests, grows my creativity. Sometimes, fuels it. I learn, and interact with all sorts of new people. And in turn all that learning and interaction, give rise to new ideas, good thoughts and new friendships. Hey, that’s how I discovered my photographic eye, for whatever it’s worth.

Going on photo-walks, is another such thing that just opens up the creative doors within. It’s me and the camera, capturing the world in “now” time. Coming back and flipping through those photographs taken, brings up all sorts of thoughts. Some of them worthy enough to be written down to be acted upon at a later time/date. Some of them, inspiration for a poem. Putting a time lock on seeing what I’ve captured, again brings out my creative juices.

The city I live in, is crowded. Obnoxiously, brimming with people. Who at every turn, invade your personal space. Most of them, have no regard for personal safety or the safety of others and are as arrogant and high-and-mighty thinking as ever. At the least the bigger lot of them are. The noises, the sights and the nature of the city, do not agree with me. So, obviously, there are times, when I feel overwhelmed by this city and I just want out. Anywhere will do, except within the city. A day or more, whatever I can afford, of open space around me, wherever I may find it, does wonders to restore faith. Pop opens the proverbial creative cork.

Watching a ton of Anime and reading a ton of Manga and Epic Fantasy Fiction, give me all sorts of creative thoughts and ideas. I love watching / reading, various forms of imaginations, come alive. Anime, Manga and Epic Fantasy Fiction, is where they do. Watching and reading about stories that are/create different worlds, just blows my mind. To think that a person would harbor so much imagination. To be able build entire worlds, races, languages, cultures, characters full of marvelous personalities and conflicts, blows me away. Takes my breath away. Did you know that J.R.R Tolkien’s Lord of The Rings, The Hobbit and The Silmarillion were all created because of his love of languages? In fact, he created the entire universe of Eä , for his love of culture and language. I didn’t either, at first. And throughout the course of his life, he had created several new languages. It’s so much of awe, ideas and motivation right there!

Reading quotes written by whoever, more often than not, bring me into an adult state of mind. Where, sometimes you stop, and give some actual thought behind the quote. Reading Haiku and Poems, by all kind of authors, again makes me ask questions of all sorts. To understand what the author of such a work, was feeling or is trying to tell you.

Playing games, on the PS (when I had it), definitely did more good for my creativity. Other games like Chess and solving puzzles help a ton too!

“Be brave enough to live life creatively. The creative place where no one else has ever been.” - Alan Alda.

Let me know, with a comment below, how do you find your creative space?

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