BY indefiniteloop

In the midst of a sea of free, I witnessed heavenly fire.
The wind parting way, giving a clear line of sight.
The daemon was old, older than what we assume magic.
It restored my faith in the day, taking my nightmares to their pyres.

Hidden forever, until now, by the shadows created by my see.
Unveiled, like a new bride on her wedding night.
The beauty only measured with innumerable gasps and deep breaths of solitude.
The radiance, then etched into my soul’s scree.

I long now to have my eyes look at her, everyday.
To take away the mundane, nature’s fortified way.
She sways, every inch of her, rippling, dancing to the rhythm of Radium, Ferrum and vapors.
Ever standing still, breathing fire into the night, ‘til darkness tapers.

She is the answers to all of my doubts, ever seeping into my bones.
Not now, not any more, for I see her.
I see her true form, Her winsomeness.
She’s Silanah Redwings, and she’s birthed me from the unknowns.

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