Three videos full of Assassin's Creed facts that you may want to know, if you're into the series. I love the AC series, and franchise.

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With the movie slated to be out end of this year, Assassin Creed is definitely a title to be aware of of. It’s a brilliant game franchise, and Ubisoft has done some great work with it. With that being said, the recent titles though do lack the depth, and character growth that we were made to experience with Assassins Creed Brotherhood.

Still, as a game it’s been one my favorites, and with pride so. I’ve been playing AC since its inception, following the story through all the major releases over the years. That stopped when I gave away my last gaming console. And, right now I am playing catchup with two more titles to go.

Awesome Facts About The Assassins Creed Series

For someone who’s had a big break in between all of these AC releases, I tried revisiting the past stories with the help of fan made videos on youtube, to get a refresher of sorts. That’s how I stumbled upon these three videos embedded below.

If you’re into the AC series, these videos are truly worth it. Some of the facts mentioned in there are totally awesome, and really did not strike me, even while playing the titles mentioned. For e.g. did you know that ctOS (the OS that you hack in Watch Dogs) is mentioned in one of the discoverables in AC IV or that it’s the OS that you hack in Abstergo’s offices? Or that there’s a small cross over between AC IV and Watch Dogs? No, right!? Neither did I! I had to revisit the game to be sure it was there, and sure enough there’s a link between the two stories. You can’t help but get excited, if they manage to tie those two franchises up together.

Awesome Assassin's Creed Facts You Need To Know by ACVideos

Awesome Assassin's Creed Facts You Need To Know - Part 2

Awesome Assassin's Creed Facts You Need To Know - Part 3

Liked these videos? Check out the ACVideos channel on youtube for some more AC related fun stuff.

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