More changes coming up on the blog, and in general. More work in general has led to less of more time consuming tasks. Some of them inclusive of the sections of this blog. There's some much pending work I'd like to finish before the year ends. Thus, here's a small update on, and for the blog.

BY indefiniteloop

Thursdays aren’t for katas anymore. I’d rather answer questions you have or questions I’ve had about things/life or just plainly share some awesome sauce found. I’d rather have them more open to whatever I want to fancy, and write about.


Because, I am getting into something that’ll need more of my attentions than I had previously thought. And, it does involve a lot more than writing code in general. However, this doesn’t mean that this change is permanent or anything of the sorts. This blog is ever evolving, and so am I. Right now, I just don’t have the luxury of available bandwidth to keep working, and publishing code at the same time. That’s all.

As for what I am working on right now, stay tuned to know more about that. The hints already visible in plain sight on this blog. Additionally, I am giving up on oddcuriosity. It seems, there’s no market for it. And, I’ve to let it go in favor of other stuff that’s suppose to be coming up hopefully soon enough.

Rest of the deal remains the same though. I quite enjoy writing poetry on Sunday, verses on Saturday, and haiku on Friday. So, that remains the same every week. But, like Monday & Tuesday, Thursday will be more open to whatever I want to write about, including code. I am also planning to finally launch the photography section on the blog. I am almost done moving that over from - which I let go off, earlier this year.

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