The not so simple act of escaping into another world where nothing stops you, and the odds are always in your favor, does help increase creativity, focus, and helps with setting up the more elusive good habits.

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I have had this problem of obsessively gaming to no end, some odd four years ago. One of the m reasons that I gave my gaming console away to a younger relative, in lieu of finding more time to do more things.

Now when I look back, and think about that decision, I can safely say that I was wrong in thinking that I could do without the fun, the creativity, and the time off of routinely things, which in hindsight is what I really needed.

Recently I got my hands on a spankingly new PS4 (the PlayStation has always been my gaming console, and yes I prefer consoles - wanting to keep work on a separate machine). And, it has changed me for the better.

You know the feeling when you’re reading a novel that seems to be so intriguing that you end up forgetting the time, things you’ve to do, places you’ve to be at, and people you’ve to meet? Yep, the same applies to me when I am engrossed into a interactive story telling machine that helps me shoot, kill, solve puzzles, and run across history’s rooftops. When we’re so engrossed into something that takes us away from reality, everything under the nose just slips away. For me that’s been reading, and gaming in a nutshell. And, after having my days fill, when I actually get to work or the other things on my plate, I realize that I am fresh as ever to get things done. Overtly zealous even.

Good Habits Creation: Thanks To The Gaming Bit

Getting back to gaming

For the longest time I’ve had been wanting to hang my owl coat, and start waking up early in the mornings. I am a morning person. Previously, no matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t wake up early, so I usually slept when the sun rose. Now, I wake up everyday between 4-6AM. Finish up the day’s work by Noon. And, then sit to play something on the console. It’s the best feeling ever! It’s akin to meditation for me. Gets my reflexes up. Gets my creativity flowing, and gets me to do more, somehow. Which was the reason of giving it up in the first place - go figure.

It has also helped with my imagination, and my overall creativity with respect to solving problem sets at work, art, sketching, and design in general.

The only thing I’ve to be mindful about is that it doesn’t take over, and is only limited to the time I think I am okay with spending on gaming.

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