It's really something to see a film photograph printed on wood. The grains from the film, and the texture of the wood combine to produce something beautiful. Here's the result of an experiment with writing film on wood.

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About a couple of years ago, I was introduced to a service that lets you print anything on wood. Splendid! The only down side was that it didn’t deliver the printed-finished products here, at that point in time. Bummer!

On further researching, I found the Woodpost app. They do ship to India, but it’s expensive; comparing the amount spent having a print shipped here, with the amount of film I can buy with the same amount, it becomes a no-brainer.

I let the thought slide, until one day I was picking up some more film from the trusty-film-seller-shop around a specific corner in the city. He had a price menu listed, on a paper that was slid between two glass plates that made up the top side of his desk. Naturally, I got curious, and poured over the menu, and it’s offerings. None the sooner that I laid my eyes upon the menu, an item in the list worded as “Wooden Print” caught my full attention.

I smiled, and then inquired about having one photograph from a then recent film-shoot printed on wood. He smiled, and said it was totally doable. I placed the order, not expecting much to be honest.

Film On Polished Wood

The time came when the seller / printer called, stating that wood print was ready. The very same day, I went to the shop to fetch the finished product. I was blown away.

Silver Surfer by - Print on wood
"Silver Surfer" - It looks beautiful, doesn't it? More photos (taken during the daytime here) soon, in another post.

As you can see, it is looking stunning! The entire printing-film-on-wood thing is mesmerizing. It has a warm feel to it. I am glad I went with a black, and white photograph, titled “Silver Surfer,” and made while sailing.

It comes with two screws that you can attach to the bottom of the wood frame, to make it stand on a desk or a platform (optional), as seen in the gif below.

Silver Surfer by - Print on wood
"Silver Surfer" - A video-gif of the Silver Surfer print on wood.

Alternatively, you could just have it hung on a wall or a flat surface, using the same provisions that let you add the two screws to make it stand up.

On enquiring further about the kind of wood used, I was told that it seems like balsa. True enough, it does feel like balsa. The frame is just a bit curved towards the outside (barreling), giving it a little pop.

The water in the photograph, when looked at closely, looks much like a painting. The grain from the expired film, adds to the texture of the wood.

How To Print Your Photographs On Wood

Just incase you were wanting to make a wood print all by yourself, you can do that too.

Print Your Photograph On Wood

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