Here's to a fresh new year, to new posts, to new friends, to new goals, and onto new adventures! Wish you, and yours a survivable new year.

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And, just like that it’s another new year. It’s the very start of 2017, and almost another year of writing, and publishing on this blog; there were many days during the course of the last year that count as misses.

It has kind of become a customary thing, to review, and write about the previous years’ experiences, misses, hits, and what-nots.

2016 In Short Review, And A Goals Inspired 2017

Last year I had decided to forego the whole creating goals bit or working with to-do lists; that with much gusto, I might add. Much, much later into 2016, I realized my error in judgement; though I did try to get back to making goals, and to-do lists. And thus, I overwhelmed myself with the list created then; speedily, it became tedious to achieve much, which led to a few days of thinking, and learning more about setting goals in general.

There are plenty of ways, and methodologies that exist for setting goals; not to leave out the fact that there are probably a gazillion or more apps that help you do just do that. GTD is a big, big field of study, research, and emerging methodologies for all kinds of people, including us. Surely, there’d be something that would help me overcome my mistakes?

The more I delved into finding something that I thought would work for me, and be easy to keep track of of, the more overwhelmed things became. Until about a month ago, I came across this article that suggested using mind-maps to set goals. Instantly, without thinking much, I picked up a pen, and a notebook; then started to draw a mind-map. It worked.

Jenny Blake (Ex-Googler) Explains Importance Of Mind Maps For Organizing Life Goals.

Having an image of things that surround your work, wants, needs, and doings, is an eye-opener of sorts. Again, without thinking much, I egressed into slicing off things that did not seem much important. What remained in the end, on the page, was a stark image of ‘achieving more, while doing less’. Though Jenny Blake does suggest going big, my only concern while drawing my own ‘2017 Map’ was to be able to keep things simple, while being on my way to get things done.

It’s so simple to have a mind-map drawn, to make sure we stick to what’s important. To re-commit, if I may, to the things that we really, really want to do. If you, like me, are struggling to find a method to get things done or to know what, and where you should spend your time, and energies this year, I highly recommend watching the video embedded above (courtesy: CNBC & Jenny Blake).

Onto the ‘goal-ing’ bit, there are set of goals this year, to accomplish. There aren’t many of them, and if I can achieve all of them, then that would be something! I will be sharing some of them soon enough, here on the blog.

Last but not the least, is the fact that 2016 wasn’t all that bad either. In fact in some ways, it was way-way better than 2015. For instance, I was able to travel more (series of posts coming up, with recommendations, etc., from my first trip to Singapore), learn some more stuff, I was also able to let go a ton of things that I thought I needed or cared for (people included), I attended lectures on Psychology, and delved further into Philosophy, and History, etc. For all of that, and more, just like 2015, I’ll be ever thankful for 2016.

Here’s to yet another year of fresh starts, and new-news! Happy New Year to you all!

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