A quick guided meditation session by Alefiyah does wonders for your day. Listen to it anytime, and anywhere; it really does work, and help.

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In the first episode of the people talk podcast series, Alefiyah Siamwala, and Asma spoke about their lives, goals, and what they have had been up to.If you happened to listen in, then you would know that Alefiyah is a yoga instructor. She’s the one who teaches me yoga, and makes it interesting.

One of things that I truly enjoy while learning yoga from her is that we always start our yoga sessions with five minutes of meditation. Before we do anything else, she guides me to mindfulness. Something that really helps me focus, center, and ultimately wake up (if I am drowsy). It’s a great start to a session (of any kind, if I may).

I happened to ask Alefiyah if I could record these first five minutes of our class, where she guides me to mindfulness. She agreed, and following the recording of these first five minutes, I started using it as an experiment of sorts, to find focus in various tasks. It helped, and thence I wanted to share it here, as a podcast, with everyone. I listened to a quite a few variations of this recording with some meditation music (one of the tracks is included within the podcast).

People Talk: A Podcast Solely Meant For Meditation, And Mindfulness

In this podcast, there’s no conversation. It’s just five minutes of Alefiyah’s voice guiding you to your mindful, and energized day.

People Talk - Episode 5 - Five Minutes Of Super Mindful Everyday Meditation For You
People Talk - Episode 5 - Five Minutes of Super Mindful Meditation Everyday For Anything.

How To Meditate To This Podcast Recording

There’s no hard, and fast rule or imposition that you’ve to have to do any of the following steps. It’s just the way that I am accustomed to meditating, while listening to her. And, you could sit in an asana, and listen to it or listen to it while driving etc.

For the sake of getting ready, incase you do happen to follow these steps, I’ve added a minute of plain, meditation music at the start of the recording.

Step 1: Stand up straight, and correct your posture so that you’re standing up right, and have no haunches.

Step 2: Join your hands. Palms facing each other; very much like a namaste. Make sure that your elbows are stuck to your sides, and not doing the chicken.

Step 3: Close your eyes.

Step 4: Take some deep breaths, and wait for Alefiyah’s voice to start guiding you through the meditation session.

That’s it. Then all you’ve to do is follow along for the next five minutes of this podcast, post which you’ll definitely feel more relieved, focused, and stress free.

About Alefiyah Siamwala

Alefiyah is an absolutely wonderful yoga instructor, and guide. She’s been working with me, and on me for sometime now, and it’s been a wonderful experience having her teaching me.

If you did like to know more about Alefiyah, and her work, you can always listen to this podcast, and find out more about her here.

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