An awesome infographic about what writing does to our brains.

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Legitimately, putting ink to paper has always been a good thing to do. Not only it materializes your thoughts, and ideas into something more tangible, but it also clears your mind, improves your deep thinking skills, and sharpens you up - amongst other things.

One of the most prominent questions I get asked, is what is that I write about? And, I am afraid there’s no simple answer to that question. To put it into words - I write about everything, and anything that flows through my head, touches me emotionally, inspires me, motivates me or intrigues me. I write in notebooks, pages, paper sheets, on the computer, on the phone; with pens, pencils, using the keyboard, and with a typewriter. Whichever is available, is what I use it to write whatever it is that I am thinking about. If it’s a post for this blog, I tend to first note it down, summarize it in a notebook, and if that’s not easily accessible I use Daedalus on the iPhone to keep a track of a thought, and then flesh it out. In turn, at a later stage, whatever is fleshed out may become a post on this blog. My notebooks are a collection of thoughts, notes, numbers, secrets, ideas, and my ways of thinking. I consider them sacred.

Another question I get shot with is, why do I write? Although my reasons for writing keep changing, some of them have remained the same, since the start of this blog. I’ve also noticed many changes within me, after I’ve started practicing morning pages, and just plainly writing on paper.

I came across this awesome infographic that explains what writing does to your brain. I think it hits the point home. Get your pens, and notebooks to the ready!

Writing Affects Your Brain In Some Cool Ways

Here’s an infographic that explains very well, what writing does to your brain. How it changes it, etc. It also contains some interesting facts, for e.g. did you know that writing is the same meditation; another form of it? I had an inkling that it does, because it felt like it. You don’t have to be a writer, to enjoy these. All you’ve to do is write.

Writing does some wonderful things to your brain
Writing does some wonderful things to your brain. Credit: Bestinfographics

Has Writing Helped You?

I would love to know if writing has had any impact on your life, do let me know by leaving a comment below!

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