Some great, minimal home office interior designs for your inspiration, and mine.

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There’s something about home offices that attracts me a lot; not withstanding the fact that I’ve been working from my home desk/office for a long, long time now. And, as time goes by I find myself becoming more, and more minimalistic in nature, and in general; wanting to do away with the clutter. Anything that I haven’t paid any attention to, in more than the last six months, has to go. And there’s a lot of it, lying around still that I want to either giveaway or throw. It’s a long process, becoming a minimalist.

Also, it’s been about three years now since I upgraded the interiors of my home office/desk. I think another re-work, and upgrade is in order. I think I want to make it more minimalistic than it already is. I love empty desks for some reason now!

That has what has prompted me to start on a series of posts on inspiring interior design. This post being the first in the series, I thought I did hand pick some home office designs that I love, and share them with you guys, vis-a-vis this post, here on the blog.

Really Cool Home Office Interior Designs, For Your Inspiration, And Mine.

Here are some even 12 home office interior designs that I seem to like; some of these I love. Some of them are not suited for my setup, but still I like the way they’ve turned out in the photos below.

Best of Texas 2015

I totally dig the corner windows; I have thing for windows, if you haven’t already noticed it from most of the images below. I love light coming in, when I am on the desk. Speaking of which, I love the all aluminum, metal finish of the one in this photograph. What I don’t like in there, is the ceiling fan.

Reichelt Family Office

I love how the light comes in, from the balcony. I also love blackboards, and cork boards (thought I still have to get to cleaning mine).

Palma Plaza

There’s light coming in from behind the chair here, from the porch I’d guess. It’s a small, little, minimalistic nook of a home office - what’s not to love?

Moya Living Portfolio

Absolutely brilliant! So much of space, and that view! The wheels on the table are putting me off thought. But it’s super bright, has a view, and is totally minimalistic! Love it.

home office

Very contemporary, small, dainty, little home office cubicle. Love the view, and the window! Though the size of the desk is small, it could be made into an L-shaped corner desk. I do not like the carpet, or it’s design here.

Moya Living Portfolio

Very bright, and extremely minimalistic. Love it. I can probably stop working, and gaze through that view 24/7. Also a cushion to rest my head on, seems like a nice touch :P - I do not like it having wheels though.

My Houzz: Amy and Kerri

I love the rustic, lofty feel to this home office. From the floor to the ceiling, I love it all. It’s cosy, and productive at the same time.


Living here in Bombay, I am used to small spaces. This one office utilizes the most of this small space. It’s bright, and just right to sit down, and get some work done. Very minimalistic.

Indoor-Outdoor, Midcentury, Los Angeles

The mirror in here, makes the home office look larger. I don’t know if it will be distracting or not while working, but sure does look great. Also, there’s a ton of light coming in from the french window, which I love. The carpet is great, goes awesomely with the flowing, and the desk is so very minimal. The chair could be better though.


I love earth-y colors. And, this office seems to be very well designed, and feels warm. I love big desks too! But, since there are two desks here, I don’t think it’s very minimal. Two are not needed, in my opinion.

LG House - Interior Workstation

Although this office is not suited for a developer, or a designer, this one’s perfect for an architect. I can imagine sitting there, and going over blueprints, as depicted in the photo. This one is also very bright. Just right for getting some quick work done. Not for someone who spends a lot of time working from home though.

House Bloomsbury

A big, bright space, with very little strewn across. I love it! I love the light from the balcony. Love the warm flooring, and bright interiors. Chair, again, could be better though.

What’s your idea of a great home-offie interior design? Do let me know by leaving a comment or two below!

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