If you've a few minutes to spare today, and if you love art then I strongly recommend watching the videos embedded below, and getting to know more about Erbu art. It's most awesomely satisfying to watch, if nothing else.

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Another quick post on mind boggling artwork that’s not made on a typewriter. This one is by Garip Ay. It is Van Gogh’s Starry Night On Dark Water (Erbu). Lingering on Reddit, I stumbled upon the post. At first it seemed as Garip Ay was mixing an elixir or something - dark water. Rolling my eyes, I assumed it was a tutorial of sorts. Sure enough, I made an ass out of myself.

Dark Water Starry Night

This video is one of the most mesmerizing videos I’ve seen in a long time. It’s humongously satisfying. After watching it just once, I wanted to know more about this art form, water paintings, Erbu (Marbling), and the painting style / methodology used by Garip Ay in general.

Van Gogh on Dark Water Animation

More On Erbu Art And Water Painting

Erbu (A.K.A Turkish Art Of Marbling) is a mysterious, and one of the oldest Turkish arts. Its roots remain unknown, like much of history. Not only it’s beautiful, but also is so fluid, calm, and captivating - you can’t help yourself from becoming a romantic after watching the video above (once was more than enough to convince me to try my hand at it).

Sure enough, following the breadcrumbs led me to Garip Ay’s blogspot. Here I found everything I wanted to know about ‘Dark Water’ painting, and Erbu. If you like what’s happening in the video above then do give his blogspot some love, and you’ll find yourself further immersed in this mysterious artform.

Erbu is made by creating an image from paints scattered upon a water surface, which is then transferred onto a paper. It’s also known as Marbling. Initially it was used as decoration in lettering, and binding. Garip Ay takes this further, using painting techniques to create the most fascinating artworks ever; at least in my opinion it’s one of the best works I’ve seen on a screen - I can’t possibly imagine how it would feel watching him work, being there, in real life.

Here’s more about Erbu, Garip Ay, and his water paintings.

Garip Ay Ebru Sanatı

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