Did you know that typewriters are actually very versatile tools? No? Well, you can use them to create art work like Paul Smith, and Kiera Rathbone or use them to create music. Don't believe me? Have a looksie at the videos embedded below.

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I love old writing tools; from bamboo quills to typewriters. I love everything about them, for various reasons. The more that is written, the more they’re used by me. There’s some kind of cathartic value to using the quills, pens, notebooks, paper sheets, and typewriters to write - Who doesn’t like the sound of keys that a typewriter makes? No one, right!?

Though this post, it isn’t about writing at all. It’s about using a typewriter to create art (ASCII art, anyone?). Yes, you read that write right. Paul Smith used to use his typewriter to create incredible master pieces using only his typewriter. Kiera Rathbone too, uses typewriter(s) to create her artwork.

Typewriter Art By Paul Smith

Paul Smith - Typewriter art - Mona Lisa
A typewriter artwork copy of the Mona Lisa by Paul Smith

Born in 1921 with cerebral palsy, Paul Smith could typewrite, and create wonderful pieces of art; almost poetic pieces of art work in black and white, and in color. I was in awe of his will (it took him 32 years to learn how to walk, but he did it) to overcome his drawbacks (severe loss of motor control), and do what he loved to do most - create moving art pieces using about just 10 keys on his typewriter. As you can see from the picture embedded above, each of his art pieces were precisely detailed. I cannot even begin to imagine the time, and work that each one of them would’ve taken; going from one line feed to next, and back. He spent almost 2-4 hours everyday typing away on his typewriter. Each art piece took Paul about 2-4 months to complete. If you have sometime to spare today, and if you love typewriters or writing in general, then I urge you to watch this video - it’s a must watch!

Paul Smith - Typewriter Artist

Paul Smith died on June 24, 2007, at the Rose Haven Nursing Center in Oregon. He left behind his impressive portfolio containing his art-pieces, back at the nursing center. Much of his art pieces were inspired by the places he has had visited or lived at. He stopped creating these back in 2004, when his eye sight worsened due to cataracts.

Paul Smith - Typewriter art - Mona Lisa
A color typewriter artwork by Paul Smith

P.S: Paul Smith, his will, and the above video were my inspirations for the poem I wrote yesterday - What Can You Do?

P.P.S: Here’s another video that showcases Paul Smith’s artwork.

Kiera Rathbone - Another Awesome Typewriter Artist

Kiera Rathbone is another great artist that creates awesome artwork using the typewriter.

Keira Rathbone - Typewriter Artist

Check out Kiera Rathbone’s Work

Bonus: Typewriter Symphony Orchestra

Here’s another kind of insane master art piece, made using the typewriter, and a lot of skill - music.

Typewriter symphony Orchestra

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